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As of 12 January 2018 Bubbles Kodi is now called Gaia Kodi

The new Bubble Kodi add-on brings a large streaming movie and TV show add-on from file hosts, torrents, and usenet. Bubbles uses Premiumize and Real-Debrid as its backbone, which provides some awesome Kodi features. Read on for more info.

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How to install Bubbles Kodi Add-on?

Installation is easy and it’s the same way as installing any Kodi Add-on. We have provided a simple guide to install Bubbles Kodi Add-on. In 5 minutes you will be able to use it as you like.

Bubbles is the best Kodi Add-on but you need to be a PRO to configure it

Lucky for you we also provide a complete guide to configure Bubbles like a PRO on the same kodi add-ons section of the site.

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#Bubbles Kodi Addon Change Log


4.2.0 (2018.01.06) 
Final Release 
Long Live Gaia
2.5.0 (2017.12.17) 
- Added support for sorting favourite lists. 
- Fixed the adding of a show range to the local library. 
- Automatically switch on Lightpack on launch. 
- Updated Lightpack settings and launch procedure. 
- Fixed the exact search functionality. 
- Fixed the Trakt show watchlist bug. 
- JSON encoding tool fixed. 

2.4.1 (2017.08.15) 
- Fixed the Premiumize link length infinite loop. 

2.4.0 (2017.08.15) 
- Added local Kodi library integration. 
- Added a setting to access the Premiumize API using GET requests. 
- Improved the automatic scripts during Kodi startup. 
- Fixed the non-found poviders for the custom location. 
- Fixed Premiumize usage label and filters. 
- Updated the Premiumize hoster list. 
- Fixed Premiumize hoster domain detection. 
- Update downloader and added navigation for other downloads. 
- Many small changes, updates, and bug fixes. 

2.3.3 (2017.08.06) 
- Support for custom URLs for providers. 
- Fixed the priority sorting option. 
- Disable colors in stream labels. 
- Control over the padding of stream labels. 

2.3.2 (2017.07.30) 
- Better episode detection in season packs. 
- Fixed incorrect season pack detection. 
- Search for exact terms and file names. 
- Termination detection for manual or automatic playback. 
- Filter streams according to dubbed audio. 
- Filter streams according to release type and uploader. 
- Updated donations. 

2.3.1 (2017.07.14) 
- Fixed playback bug with stream dialog. 
- Rewritten stream dialog process. 
- Updated donations. 

2.3.0 (2017.07.13) 
- Fixed the preemptive stop of debrid cache inspection. 
- Changed the scraping process and order. 

2.2.7 (2017.07.10) 
- Fixed timeout for provider cache. 

2.2.6 (2017.07.10) 
- Major threading bug fixed. 
- Better search of titles with symbols. 

2.2.5 (2017.07.09) 
- Fixed the freezing bug on Kodi exit. 
- Fixed incorrect season pack detection. 
- Hide loader if nothing was found. 
- Fixed local retrieval of show results. 
- Updated donations. 

2.2.4 (2017.07.06) 
- Fixed Premiumize item deletion. 
- Added genre filter support for providers. 
- Updated sources utilities. 
- Fixed TorrentLeech seed count. 

2.2.3 (2017.07.02) 
- Fixed provider initialization. 
- Fixed CAM and SCR filters. 
- Changed the quality detection of EasyNews streams. 
- Fixed the video quality detection and ordering. 
- Copying stream links now does not resolve the link. 
- Updated downloader. 
- Update existing and added new external providers. 
- Separate label for debrid links. 
- Color gradient for local, premium, direct, and debrid labels. 

2.2.2 (2017.06.30) 
- Major reduction in provider initialization time. 
- Trakt scrobble and playback progress support. 
- Fixed subtitle language setting problem. 
- Improved subtitle detection based on file name, uploader, and release. 
- Added subtitle selection modes and notifications. 
- Updated play preset process. 

2.2.1 (2017.06.25) 
- Show future episodes and seasons. 
- Support for menu shortcuts. 

2.2.0 (2017.06.22) 
- Fixed bug with Show Type interface setting. 
- Repository addons are now required by Bubbles. 
- Fixed the pairing dialog close bug. 
- Improved provider loading and initialization time. 
- Fixed loader in Trakt manager. 
- Support for multiple watches on Trakt. 
- Restructured download directory browsing. 
- Fixed incorrect air day. 
- Added season pack stream size estimation. 
- Fixed Premiumize provider for season packs. 
- Better Premiumize season pack detection. 
- Major improvements on metadata processing. 
- Removed HDRip from CAM video quality detection. 
- Fixed clipboard failures. 
- Added support for manual torrent and usenet downloads. 
- Added support for Premiumize abd RealDebrid downloads. 
- Added notification when no movies or shows are found. 
- Removed collections from the kids section. 
- Add Premiumize download only if it is not already on the list. 
- Improved scraping time by reducing database access. 
- Improved the scraping process and database. 
- Automatically delete old unusable entries from the provider database. 
- Indicate when an episode is not in a season pack. 
- Better screenshot quality. 
- Summary indicator removed from plot. 

2.1.2 (2017.06.22) 
- Temporary version reversal. 

2.1.1 (2017.06.21) 
- Wrong version upload. 

2.1.0 (2017.06.12) 
- Fixed metadata bug causing automatic playback not to start. 
- Fixed various sections under the kids menu. 
- Improved local caching. 
- Fixed the debrid cache settings. 
- Fixed show air label settings. 
- Improved air day and time formatting. 
- Added support for release type detection. 
- Added support for upload user detection. 
- Fixed debrid cache inspection bug. 
- Fixed the next page bug for IMDb lists. 
- Added movie and show logos and metacache bug fix. 
- Added preset play option to the context menu. 
- Updated Premiumize hosters. 
- Added Premiumize usage information for the Premiumize provider. 
- Fixed incorrect title matching. 
- Fixed Premiumize provder season pack flag. 
- Improved stream detection in debrid downloads. 
- Improved auto removal of items in debrid accounts. 
- VPN detection based on ISP or VPN address mask. 
- Better season pack support. 
- Improved sorting of streams. 
- Fixed debrid cache label on multiple runs. 
- Added repositories as extensions. 
- New server updates. 
- Updated splash dialogs. 

2.0.1 (2017.06.04) 
- VPN detection fix. 

2.0.0 (2017.06.04) 
- Support for season packs. 
- VPN support and automatic verification. 
- Fixed the movie lists bug causing few movies to be shown in the results. 
- Major improvements for free hoster stream detection. 
- Backup facility for settings, accounts, and databases. 
- Scraping preemptive termination if quality streams were found. 
- Added a Premium category for Premiumize, RealDebrid, and EasyNews. 
- Sort streams according to premium status. 
- Moved EasyNews to the debrid services. 
- Updated EasyNews providers, account, and other functionality. 
- Split the old extras module into verification and metadata modules. 
- Added German provider Cinenator to settings. 
- Updated provider verification. 
- Made the artwork addon required again. 
- Changed the stream details label. 
- Moved calendar to favourites. 
- Added EasyNews account features and dialog. 
- Added cached indicator to stream details dialog. 
- Removed RarBg torrent provider, due to its replacement by TorrentApi. 
- Better detection of archives. 
- Added cam and screener quality to filters. 
- Fixed incorrect video quality ordering. 
- Improved automatic removal of Premiumize and RealDebrid items. 
- Updated the splash dialog. 
- Fixed parental lock. 
- Changed manner in which internal settings are read from file. 
- Set default provider presets. 
- Fixed the preset encoding bug in the settings. 
- Removed sound on clear notification. 
- Updated internal core code. 
- Added language to foreign title setting. 
- Better language support and foreign title search. 
- Made foreign title scraping part of the main title scraping. 
- Improved UTF encoding and Umlauts. 
- Updated speed test, added global and EasyNews servers. 
- Improved network tools and section. 
- Updated indexers. 
- Remove OMDb as information provider. 
- Moved movie collections to categories. 
- Removed default duration for items with an unknown duration. 
- Improved the scraping process and progress dialog. 
- Added found streams to scraping dialog. 
- Fixed TorrentApi provider. 
- Allow debrid inspection after scraping cancellation. 
- Support unrating with the new Trakt addon. 
- Improved fanart, posters, and thumbnails. 
- Faster foreign title detection. 
- Show unwatched episode count next to shows and seasons. 
- Added Russian providers. 
- Updated existing and added new hoster providers. 
- Fixed the bug of cached streams not showing on subsequent runs. 
- Improved foreign title searches. 
- Improved external addon download and installation. 
- Reduced provider initialization time. 
- Fixed the time thread issue when the scraping dialog is cancelled. 
- Added provider optimization. 
- Added air time and weekday settings for episodes. 
- Added French T411 member torrent provider. 
- Added multi language audio support. 
- Improved Alluc provider search process and detection rate. 
- Major improvement for handling languages in various parts of the addon. 
- Filter out streams according to the audio language. 
- Fixed IMDb list posters. 

1.4.3 (2017.05.13) 
- Fixed the UrlResolver setting causing no hoster links to show. 

1.4.2 (2017.05.12) 
- Fixed version numbering. 

1.4.1 (2017.05.12) 
- Dependency issues fixed. 

1.4.0 (2017.05.11) 
- Fixed Trakt authentication errors. 
- Added loading icon to Trakt manager. 
- Cache Trakt request locally if Trakt servers are unreachable. 
- Added Premiumize and RealDebrid account provider. 
- Support for direct streaming services. 
- Added extensions support. 
- Some extensions are not installed by default anymore. 
- Manually install icon and skin packs in the settings. 
- Added filter to prioritize local, cached, and direct streams. 
- Notify users to change their settings if they have a slow device. 
- Fixed download buffer dialog popup on download completion. 
- Added support for detecting local and global network information. 
- Remove duplicate streams from the result list by hashes. 
- Ensure all torrent hashes are upper case. 
- Fixed the notification on cancellation of the handler selection dialog. 
- Disable download buffering dialog during playback. 
- Fixed metadata size division. 
- Better Quasar installation. 
- Removed block of externals addons to access Bubbles. 
- Updated the client and cache facilities. 
- Updated existing, added new, and removed old providers. 
- Fixed the stream labels to contain the type of stream. 
- Removed link resolving from the stream details dialog. 
- Fixed debrid service and account timeouts. 
- Fixed Trakt Manager in stream result list. 
- Added Korean providers. 

1.3.0 (2017.05.01) 
- Added NZBgeek usenet provider. 
- Added TorrentLeech provider as private torrent tracker. 
- Torrents and NZBs are not automatically downloaded anymore for efficiency and bandwidth reasons. 
- Change UsenetCralwer back to require an active account. 
- Fixed custom Trakt movie lists. 
- Fixed Trakt multiple show retrieval. 
- Reduced Trakt cache time to 3 hours for more frequent updates. 
- Show download notifications instead of dialogs during playback. 
- Allow multi-threaded access for databases. 
- Fixed download dialog unexpected closure. 
- Fixed audio codec filter. 
- Updated the torrent and usenet connection dialog. 
- Added new account verifiers. 
- Changed the download file names. 
- Fixed the buffering dialog issue for manual and cached downloads. 
- Added Trakt setting to hide the authentication notification. 
- Launch the addon from outside widgets. 
- Fixed handle selection for unsupported and default services. 
- Improved video quality detection from resolution. 
- Improved the EasyNews provider. 
- Added setting to sort by provider or quality. 
- Added preset for the providers to easily toggle between groups. 
- Fixed local stream labels in the result list. 
- Fixed the movie fanart not showing. 
- Some minor fixes. 

1.2.1 (2017.04.23) 
- Fixed the view tool. 
- Allow to add individual seasons and episodes to Trakt lists. 
- Added support for Trakt list artwork. 
- Removed the caching of Trakt lists. 
- Improved Trakt and IMDb favourites. 
- Revamped the history section to list media types. 
- Fixed the buffering dialog cancel bug. 
- Added support for season Trakt lists. 
- Added a second speed test for Premiumize. 
- Fixed parental settings. 
- Updated providers and scraping process. 
- Added settings allowing for automatic provider failure detection. 
- Addon restart on parental lock and unlock. 

1.2.0 (2017.04.21) 
- Added EasyNews provider. 
- Fixed numerous errors with the autoplay option. 
- Fixed the corrupted local artwork database. 
- Updated show and movie context menu. 
- Update the alternative play context menu. 
- Fixed local downloads and cache providers. 
- Improved the Trakt Manager and context menu. 
- Added download manager to context menus. 
- Fixed torrents/usenet not showing as cached when a lot of links are returned. 
- Fixed the category icons not showing. 
- Changed the dependency scripts. 
- Updated views tool and icons. 
- Added new skins and changed new default skin. 
- Fixed movie not added to Trakt watchlist. 
- Fixed the Lightpack animation on startup. 
- Fixed stream details dialog not showing. 
- Allow dubbed streams to be shown. 
- Indicate direct links in the results. 
- Updated result filter process. 
- Added customization for formatting titles. 
- Added setting to change the layout of titles. 
- Added a history section showing all previously played streams. 
- Updated the downloader. 
- Unified the interface for web and local playback. 
- Updated details dialog. 
- Added account validation to the debrid speed tests. 
- Improved icon support for Aeon Nox skins. 
- High and low quality icons and setting. 
- Updated default icons. 
- Delete Premiumize items in My Files. 
- Automatic debrid file removal on launch. 
- Updated Trakt and IMDb favourites navigation and settings. 
- Added a setting to sort the Trakt progress and calendar according to date. 
- Added home releases for shows. 
- Updated the arrivals section and settings for shows. 
- Updated speed tests. 
- Added Trakt support to watch or unwatch a single season. 
- Fixed the resume option. 
- Spelling mistakes removed. 
- Many small bug fixes. 

1.1.5 (2017.04.04) 
- Fixed background provider progress dialog showing old information. 
- Fixed hoster links not playing. 

1.1.4 (2017.04.03) 
- Fixed the long waiting time after the provider dialog. 
- Better cam video quality detection and sorting. 
- Support for different quality of cam and screener releases. 
- Premiumize cached API calls are redone if authentication failed. 
- Fixed the background dialog cancelled and loader bug. 
- Update the new arrivals menus, options, and settings. 
- Updated favourites navigation. 
- Added home releases list. 
- Cleaned up old code. 

1.1.3 (2017.04.02) 
- Fixed the SeriesEver provider setting. 
- Removed old AnimeLoads and BurningSeries providers. 
- Improved the filter for removing unrelated streams from the results. 
- Added new notification icons. 
- Fixed existing providers. 
- Added new Exodus, French, and Polish providers. 
- Advanced foreign title search. 
- Added hide option to the download dialog. 
- Improved incorrect torrent and usenet episode links. 
- Fixed the problem that removed valid torrent and usenet links. 
- Fixed incorrect episode year. 
- Updated the provider verification process. 
- Trakt episode calendar list not sorted in ascending date order. 
- Added a separate speed test for Premiumize and RealDebrid. 
- Increased the bandwidth optimization setting granularity. 
- Fixed the local download and cache providers. 
- Added advanced options to the stream context menu. 
- Integrated default service options. 
- Improved searching of titles containing country codes, symbols, or years. 

1.1.2 (2017.03.27) 
- Fixed the documentaries and short film sections. 

1.1.1 (2017.03.27) 
- Fixed the show section. 
- Increase torrent and usenet title ignore threshold. 

1.1.0 (2017.03.26) 
- Support for Quasar in order to utilize local torrent streaming. 
- Support for debrid torrent streaming over RealDebrid. 
- Added a menu section dedicated to documentaries. 
- Added a menu section dedicated to short films. 
- Improved and extended the menu section dedicated to kids. 
- Added Alluc as hoster provider. 
- Manual selection of torrent and usenet streaming services. 
- Fixed directory and temporary removal. 
- Added additional and more advanced clearing options. 
- Added system dialog to view OS, Python, Kodi, and Bubbles details. 
- Added cleaning option to reset the addon to its original state. 
- Automatic fallback on Premiumize if the encrypted transmission fails. 
- Fixed incorrect links found for TV shows. 
- Fixed the stream title in magnet links for iDope and Yify. 
- Improved the clipboard copying for unsupported systems. 
- Now caching foreign title searches. 
- Updated the usenet member providers with the member only flag. 
- Fixed the slow media player launch after starting a stream. 
- Added fallback to HTTP for Premiumize API calls in case HTTPS fails. 
- Fixed all usenet scrapers for older Python versions. 
- UsenetCrawler can now be scraped without an account. 
- Moved splash configuration to the settings file. 
- Automatic launch script fixed. Requires a Kodi restart to take effect. 
- Added RealDebrid account information dialog. 
- Updated progress and dialog on starting a stream. 
- Fixed incorrect file size in Premiumize download dialog. 
- Improved the Premiumize download dialog. 
- Improved the debrid cache inspection process. 
- Fixed a few Trakt issues. 
- Reduced Premiumize and RealDebrid API calls while downloading. 
- Binaries and torrent files can now be added to Premiumize and RealDebrid. 
- Added services menu to tools. 
- Added account and download information dialogs for Premiumize and RealDebrid. 
- Improved AllDebrid and RapidPremium code. 
- Fixed LightPack automatic launch and animation settings. 
- New episode with possible no streams will show in italics. 
- Added changelog dialog to the tools section. 
- Added UrlResolver settings to the tools section. 
- Added TorrentApi scraper. 
- Added TorrentProject scraper. 
- Added LimeTorrents scraper. 
- Fixed the icons in the category section. 
- Added TV calendars to the show section. 
- Added movie collection section. 
- Many small bug fixes. 

1.0.4 (2017.03.12) 
- Fixed the sources retrieval error on finalizing streams. 

1.0.3 (2017.03.12) 
- Removed the German hosters AnimeLoads and BurningSeries due to exclusive access. 

1.0.2 (2017.03.12) 
- Support added and bug fixed for Android SPMC. 
- Added kids section menu. 
- Age category for movies and TV shows. 
- Updated parental certificates. 
- Reduction in Premiumize API calls through caching. 
- Added support for kids content and parental control. 
- Changed the Real-Debrid client details. 
- Fixed a major bug with torrent and usenet links' type detection. 
- Fixed the minimum video quality filter setting. 
- Fixed problems with an empty results set due to an invalid link format. 
- Major fix in the scraping process where streams were lost due to a locked database exception. 
- Major increase in the number of links found. 
- Order recent search results according to the latest search time. 
- Fixed the Premiumize download dialog loader issue. 
- Selection between different types of posters and banners. 
- Updated the account verification process. 
- Added new accounts to the account verification process. 
- Improved the inclusion of Premiumize-only providers. 
- Added debrid information menu. 
- Added filtering support for usenet streams with a 3 and 4 year age. 
- Added manual and automatic filter for torrent and debrid caches. 
- Full support for Premiumize API calls over both HTTP and HTTPS. 

1.0.1 (2017.03.05) 
- Support for Kodi 16 and earlier. 
- Repository changed to OffshoreGit. 
- Added stream audio language detection. 
- Improved scraping and reduced processing time. 
- Using POST instead of GET for Premiumize API requests. 
- Premiumize API now uses lower case instead of upper case hashes. 
- More informative Premiumize download errors. 
- Improved Premiumize usenet downloads. 
- Retrieving the cache Premiumize status for all streams at once, instead of individually. 
- Major improvements and speedups to the debrid cache inspection. 
- Major improvements and speedups to the scraping process. 
- Only inspect debrid cache if Premiumize is enabled. 
- Major changes and fixes for usenet streams and playback. 
- Additional setting for adjusting the layout of the stream list. 
- Fixed Usenet-Crawler scraper. 
- Added Usenet-Crawler language detection. 
- Added NZBndx usenet scraper. 
- Added RarBg torrent scraper. 
- Incorporated new Exodus scrapers, except French scrapers. 
- Support for torrent link uploads. 
- Stream details dialog extended. 
- Added startup sound option. 
- Theme and fanart usage works outside the addon. 
- Many minor fixes. 

1.0.0 (2017.02.26) 
- Initial release. 

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